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Newsletter January 2011

Hello everyone – and welcome to another June Canavan Foundation newsletter.  This edition will cover the following topics:

  • Outcomes of the community workshop to establish the vision and objectives of the June Canavan Foundation
  • First Board meeting
  • 12 month anniversary trip to Papua New Guinea
  • Cycle Queensland 2010  – the Foundation’s first fundraising activity
  • Update on the surgery
  • Scholarship and award recipients
  • Future JCF fundraising activities

Newsletter July 2010

Thanks to everyone for being so interested in ensuring that June’s legacy lives on. Since my return to Australia in mid-March, the most frequent questions have been:

  • Is Klocking up the Ks still going?
  • What’s happening with June’s Foundation? Is anything happening on 11th August for the 12 month anniversary of June’s death?
  • Is there any fundraising in which I can get involved?
  • Will the surgery be staying open?

So – I thought a short newsletter with all the answers was the best way to keep everyone informed, at least until we get the new website up and running.