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Empowering PNG Women to Develop Sustainable Projects

The June Canavan Foundation recently funded ‘the Nature Conservatory to bring nine women from Papua New Guinea to Brisbane for the 3 day  workshop ‘Nature’s ‘Leading Women’, The workshop brought together women from Indigenous Australia and the Pacific Islands to build skills, knowledge and networks, facilitate cross-cultural learning and to develop entrepreneurship and a sustainable business project for their region.  Kerry Meehan, Brisbane based JCF Director shared her experience of attending the workshop. 

Keery Meehan with the PNG women

“I have just spent the most wonderful few days with these extraordinary women from PNG.  It was so exciting spending time with them at Ivory’s Rock (a nature reserve Conference Centre) as they devised ways of economically fishing their mangroves while ensuring their preservation.  During that time they developed the shell of a business plan including Vision and Mission Statements, Logos etc.  I sat with them during this process.  They called themselves the Mangoro Maket Meri and their slogan was from Mangrove to Menu.  Their presentation on Thursday night at the State Library was excellent.   250 people attended the presentation with representatives from Universities, the ANZ bank, Conservation Bodies, The American Consul from Sydney and the PNG Consul, the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane. All in all I believe our funding was well spent.  They thanked me many many times for making it possible for them to attend.”
Kerry Meehan, JCF Director